“Ohi paizoume...”

What happens when children's games meet up with dance? 
Or when yesterday's recollections embrace today? 
Really,do you ...play? 

The Greek Folklore Association of Expression and Culture, 
after its last year's hit “To spicy up dance”, comes back at the main stage of 
M. Kakoyannis Institute with three performances: 
on Friday 1st,Saturday 2nd February at 21:00 
and on Sunday 3rd February at 20:30 
presenting a music and dance show called 

An interactive event in which Greek traditional games are the big stars. 
The performance introduces the cycles of human life through games as well as 
their evolution over the years. 

Research, dance,songs,riddles,videos and definitely plenty of games...not only for youngsters 
but adults as well...games that are played on special occasions 
the year or rare ones that unfold within 10 regions of Greece. 
George Liaros is the person who has managed to bring together the sounds of 
yesterday with today's cultural beat. 

In charge of Arkadia :Vasilis Panagopoulos 

All dance groups of E.L.Et.E.P. 

Guest Appearance
Laografiki Estia Tripolis
Cultural Association of Perahora
Cultural Association of Xilokeriza
Dance Group,20th Elementary School Keratsiniou

Yannis Pavlopoulos (violin,vocals)
Vasilis Grammatikos (bagpipe,recorder,tsabouna)
Kostas Yannakopoulos (clarinet)
Christos Likourentzos (percussions)
Maria Ploumi (laouto)
Alexandros Papoutsis (lyre)
Vocals by Doretta Panagopoulou

Duration of the show:2 hours